Academic Integrity Policy

Description of Terms Specific to This Policy

ExpertGenie (or Service) is an online platform hosted under the domain that assists customers amid honoring academic integrity and the Fair Use doctrine.

ExpertGenie Expert (or Expert) is a member of the service who assists customers (by providing a sample of academic work for further research purposes).

Customer (or Client) is an individual who purchases assistance from the ExpertGenie expert, uses website tools, or access samples of academic works published on the website for referential purposes.

Writing Service is an end product provided by the Service and Expert following the timeframe and requirements defined by the Customer.

General Terms

The following document is a guide to appropriate exploitation of the Writing Service delivered to the Customer.

ExpertGenie stands for enhancing the Client’s learning opportunities and approaches. Our mission is to contribute to the Client’s study processes while honoring academic integrity and observing Rules and Regulations introduced by educational institutions.

We hereby declare that any activities performed by the Client toward the Writing Service that involve a breach of copyright or any form of academic misconduct are strictly prohibited. The Client is allowed to use the Writing Service for information and referential purposes exclusively. The Client is not allowed to submit the Writing Service for academic credit, claim authorship, or redistribute it.

ExpertGenie Expert is not allowed to engage in any form of activity that involves a violation of the requirements introduced by the Academic Integrity Policy. The Expert does not provide assistance associated with the breach of academic conduct.

By the breach of academic conduct, we mean:

  • Cheating
  • Plagiarizing
  • Impersonation
  • Data falsification
  • Illegal or fraudulent practice
  • Other types of violations of academic integrity that we investigate carefully.

The listed above activities are strictly forbidden. An expert knowingly involved in any listed activities will be immediately discharged from employment and removed from the platform. A customer involved in any listed activities will be immediately banned from the platform and rejected of further assistance.

Our Mission

ExpertGenie is a platform that unites talented experts and customers needing professional guidance. Our mission is to contribute to the Client’s study processes while honoring academic integrity and observing Rules and Regulations introduced by educational institutions. We do not tolerate plagiarism, violation of the rules introduced by educational institutions, or cheating in any form.

The Writing Service provided by the Expert is intended for referential and knowledge share purposes. It is NOT intended as an end product for further submission for academic credit. Any activities that violate this Academic Integrity Policy on behalf of the Client or Expert become subject to immediate investigation with a subsequent permanent ban from the Service unless the contrary is proved.

List of Appropriate Writing Service Conduct

The Customer is allowed to order Writing Service from the ExpertGenie Expert with the following purpose(s):

  • To get a better understanding and profound knowledge of the matter of the issue.
  • To verify the accordance of their comprehension of the matter with the generally accepted knowledge.
  • To get guidance with academic requirements prescribed for the matter of the issue.
  • To verify that their work follows academic requirements and recognized writing standards.
  • To get access to new data sources, educational materials, and ideas for more comprehensive research of the matter of the issue.
  • To examine an alternative opinion on the matter of the issue and develop a multi-side comprehension to enhance their original work.
  • To provide a logical framework to ground their further research and writing on.

The Academic Integrity Policy approves the listed above criteria of exploitation of the Writing Service.

List of Inappropriate Writing Service Conduct

The Academic Integrity Policy prohibits the listed below criteria of exploitation of the Writing Service:

  • Claiming authorship or ownership of the materials provided by the Expert.
  • Submitting the materials obtained on ExpertGenie for academic credit.
  • Distributing received products for sale purposes and involving third parties in the purchase.
  • Adopting somebody else’s identity.
  • Data falsification.
  • Plagiarizing the Writing Service provided by the Expert.
  • Requesting answers for any kind of academic assignments from the Expert.

The listed above restrictions lead to an immediate account ban if proven to be of the Client’s conduct.

Consequences of Academic Integrity Misconduct

Plagiarism is serious misconduct of academic integrity. The consequences of proven copyright infringement include sanctions, such as:

  • Assignment failure.
  • Grade reduction.
  • Course failure.
  • Temporary suspension.
  • Expulsion.

Education institutions do not tolerate the breach of academic integrity and treat it with all due care. The severity of the punishment for proven plagiarism usually depends on the decision made by the faculty members and the Conduct Review Board Advisor. A formal complaint must be filed, and an Academic Integrity Misconduct hearing must be scheduled to administer appropriate punishment.

Report Academic Integrity Policy Misconduct

If you are aware of academic integrity misconduct that involves ExpertGenie, ExpertGenie Expert, or Customer, such as academic dishonesty, breach of copyright, illegal practices, offensive and improper behavior, or breach of the privacy policy, please report the violation using the form below.