Code of ethics
ExpertGenie stands for honesty and integrity of services. We aim to provide quality online assistance in accordance with the law and Fair Use policy. This Code of Ethics guides customers to avoid unethical and forbidden academic and business integrity activities, intellectual property rights violations, and impersonation.
Prohibited activities
Copyright violation
It is strictly forbidden to infringe on the rights of others by copying intellectual property and passing it under false authorship.
Academic cheating
It is strictly forbidden to cheat and violate academic integrity by passing off any written materials provided by third parties as your own.
Illegal practice
It is strictly forbidden to engage our team members or writers in any kind of illegal activity that violates business integrity or facilitates fraud.
False personation
It is strictly forbidden to pass oneself off as someone else by getting assistance here under a false identity for whatever purpose.
Note to students:
Your study hardships matter to us. But we do not encourage nor facilitate academic cheating. Please do not risk your academic integrity by violating the regulations of your educational institution. Adopting any materials obtained on our website under your authorship is strictly prohibited. Our team will not engage in any activities associated with intellectual property rights violation.
Note to teachers:
ExpertGenie supports teachers and educational institutions by honoring academic integrity and the Fair Use doctrine.
Don’t be indifferent. If you become a witness to academic integrity abuse, please report the violation for further investigation. Your participation matters as it helps us prevent customers from infringement procedures in the future.
Note to businesses:
ExpertGenie offers professional assistance with content writing to businesses following the Code of Corporate Ethics and the highest writing standards.
However, we will not engage in fraudulent actions, any kind of illegal activity, or unethical practices that violate business policies, codes, and regulations.
Note to writers:
Our team members have the exclusive opportunity to gain a foothold as prominent experts in their respective fields. They are obliged to follow the Ethics Code and restrain from any fraudulent activities that involve academic cheating, breach of copyright and corporate code of ethics, and misrepresenting one's identity. Failing to do so is followed by immediate employment termination.
How to use our services
In any case, our assistance is designed to facilitate you with problem-solving.
To get a better understanding and profound knowledge of the matter of the issue.
To verify the accordance of your comprehension of the matter with the generally accepted knowledge.
To offer guidance with academic requirements prescribed for the matter of the issue.
To verify that your work follows academic requirements and recognized writing standards.
To get access to new data sources, educational materials, and ideas for more comprehensive research of the matter of the issue.
To examine an alternative opinion on the matter of the issue and develop a multi-side comprehension to enhance your original work.
To provide a logical framework to ground your further research and writing on.
List of restrictions
Our services assist in enhancing one’s knowledge while promoting honesty and integrity. The following behavior will result in an account ban after careful investigation:
Claiming authorship or ownership of the materials provided by our team.
Submitting the materials obtained on our website for academic credit.
Distributing received products for sale purposes and involving third parties in the purchase.
Adopting somebody else’s identity.
Want to report a violation?
If you witnessed a case of ethics code abuse, please report the violation using the form below.